Music has changed the last couple of decades, it use to be about an artist expressing views from their environment, emotions, and life through song.  Now the music industry is over saturated with carbon copies of the latest fads and trends, authenticity in artistry is a rarity. Bush Baby is the exception.  Back then Bush Baby didn’t realize as a teenager why he was obsessed with free-styling every opportunity he got to his family and friends. 

Now that I think about it I use to annoy my family all the time! Any song, car ride, holiday, or family function I was the kid who loved to free-style rap! Just ask them! LOL”

— Bush Baby

Like most high school graduates, he wasn’t sure about a college major. His passion was for music but he became discouraged when he found out how much it would cost to study recording arts at Full Sail University and realized he couldn’t afford it. So he decided to attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette for his first semester which would carve his path in music that he would not have chosen for himself.  Bush Baby made some bad choices and was arrested on three charges one being a serious felony. After bailing out of Lafayette parish jail he was so depressed it lead him to drop out of school and move back to his hometown of Natchitoches, LA. 

He was in full pursuit of a music career but his dreams of becoming a rap star were crushed when someone burglarized him and his friends home, taking all of the studio equipment. Not long after, he and his friends sought revenge. In a violent confrontation, he was shot at point-blank range in the chest.  By God’s grace he survived the gun shot wound and his relationship with God began to grow. He realized that God had a bigger purpose for his life and music was still apart of it. 

Now he is on a purposed journey using the gift of music to empower and impact the lives of others.  He has received a recording arts degree, and soon after he obtained a degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.  He released his debut studio album as an artist/producer entitled “The Idol Factory” (2014).  Then he released his sophomore album entitled “Real Life Music” (2016) discussing real life stories and situations that everyone experiences but always communicating hope and faith that will inspire you to not quit in life.  Bush Baby has collaborated with National Recording Artists like Dee-1 and Jor’Dan Armstrong.  Every year he creates new music, videos and inspiring content all for his growing “fam” base. 

Bush Baby’s motto is “I do it for the people, the underdog” and he is very determined to stay true to that.  He is a voice to the voiceless and wants to see everyone win.  He understands that we as people are a lot alike in more ways than we are different which makes his music relatable to almost anyone.  Now with a second chance at it Bush Baby embraces his journey with all this heart and soul.